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Pewter and Copper Sheets


Pewter Sheets: 47 cm wide (0.17mm thick)
Available in 1/4m, 1/2 m or 1m length.
R520 per m, R260 1/2m, R130 1/4m

Copper Sheets: 36 cm wide
Available in 1/4m, 1/2 m or 1m length.
R420 per m, R210 1/2m, R105 1/4m

Extra small Ball Tool No 3 (single end)


Used as a tracer tool as well as engraving background tectures

Double End Ball Tool No 5


Essential for especially low relief modelling of lines and dots

Double End Ball Tool No 8


Larger Balls for Bolder Designs


Double end Modeller / Scoop No 6 Scoop shaped tool used for impressing and re-defenition of designs - One side more rounded than the other
Small Modeller/ Scoop (single end) No 6


Small scoop shape for more fine detailed designs

Cutter (Single End) No 2


Very sharp needle like tool for cutting out smaller areas - too small to cut with scissors or crafters knife

New range Teflon Point Tools


When using these tools you don't need a Lubricant
R60.00 each

Teflon Point tool


When using this tool you don't need a Lubricant

Paper Pens


Also called torchons,. Rolled soft paper to flatten background of designs on pewter sheets without leaving scratches or marks
R30.00 for pack of six size 1 - 6

Black Patina


Black Patina is used as an oxidising agent to give pewter work an antique finish. A small quantity goes a long way. It is a blue liquid that turns pewter black when applied. Available in 50ml and 100ml. NB Patina contains nitric acid and selenium compounds. It is poisonous and vapour is harmful. Always wear gloves and work in a well ventilated room!
50ml - R20.00
100ml - R40.00

Copper Patina


Can be used in combination with BLACK patina and gives a copper colour to pewter. Deep blue liquid that contains copper sulphate and mineral acid. HARMFUL when swallowed. 50ml and 100ml
50 ml - R20.00
100ml - R40.00

Bees Wax


Fillers are used to fill the embossed areas of your design to lend support and prevent it from collapsing. Beeswax, Exterior crack filler or Lite Fill can be used.
R30.00 per 100g

Pewter work


Pewter work is a wonderful craft suitable for crafters of all ages. It is great fun to work with this soft metal, which is so willing to be bent and moulded into all sorts of exciting shapes. In her first book, Easy pewter projects, author Sandy Griffiths focused on easy, smaller projects. The projects in this book remain easy, but the selection now includes bigger projects with interesting d�cor items for just about every room in your home. With detailed instructions for everything from a stylish bathroom mirror to elegant salt and pepper shakers, serving platters, pewter art for the living room and a bedside table with a pewter door, the focus is often on recycling � and what better medium to use than this versatile metal where even repeating the same design seldom gives exactly t same result Purchase -

Pewter impressions


Pewter impressions is a collection of more than 30 original pewter projects with easy to follow step-by-step instructions and clear photographs. It starts at the beginning so that there is no need for novices to go back to earlier books to enjoy this rapidly growing craft. Beginners' exercises explain the basics, teaching crafters how to apply the art of embossing and then add lustre, radiance and dimension to their design. These are followed by a wide range of stunning projects that will appeal to every crafter out there.
Price: R160.00


Pewter Jewellery


This book contains 20 simple, easy-to-make jewellery pieces, including brooches, necklaces and bracelets, all based on the simplest technique for embossing sheet pewter - low-relief embossing. The pewter is combined with semi-precious stones and beads; glued to other materials such as wood, plastic and little scraps of fabric; and coloured with glass paints, giving the finished pieces a bright, colourful, contemporary feel. Each project is accompanied by a beautiful, full-colour photograph of the finished piece;
Price: R75.00


Pewter designs


Whether it is pewter work, wall art, cardmaking, fabric painting and printing, embroidery or paper craft that inspires you, you will find the design you want in this collection of original line drawings created over many years of crafting by two top visual artists. A source book no crafter can afford to be without!
Price: R180.00

Pewter DVD


This DVD is a hands-on workshop giving you a close-up view of the essential techniques of pewter art. These include: low relief, high relief and the patina and polishing processes. It also teaches you to apply gold leaf and glass stain to the pewter to achieve interesting colour effects.
Price: R140